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D'Ette Cole

(pronounced dee ett)

Design studio with over 20 years of experience in client oriented interior and exterior design solutions.  Available for full service residential and commercial interior design, and/or on a per project basis for design/build and remodel/remake consultation.  Design services are provided at a rate of 150. per hour, are sold in 10 hour blocks and on a pay-as-you-go basis.   Whether you are starting from scratch, blue prints in hand, or are working to refresh a space you’ve known and lived in for years, I'm here to help with design services customized to your unique project needs.  Good things are ahead – I look forward to helping you create the perfect home for your taste and lifestyle . . . let's work together!

comprehensive interior + exterior design services:
:: spatial concept design for new build and re-design for     remodel/remake projects
:: floorplan + layout

:: interior + exterior design - complete furniture + decor concepts
:: materials + surface selections - tile, wood, carpet, countertops, wallpaper, etc...
:: interior + exterior lighting - both decorative + functional
:: interior + exterior paint/color concepts
:: window treatments
:: real estate staging

:: event decor

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